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Xbox Is Releasing Three New Models This Year

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Summer is the season for new game announcements, but alongside a new Doom and the next Call of Duty, Sunday’s Xbox Games Showcase actually debuted some new Xbox consoles as well.

This isn’t an entirely new console generation, or even a mid-generation upgrade like the rumored PS5 Pro. Instead, Xbox is making good on its own rumors, specifically the ones about a discless Xbox Series X.

Coming “holiday 2024,” the now-confirmed All-Digital Xbox Series X comes in an all-white finish (as opposed to the original model’s black) and will have all the same specs of the original Xbox Series X, including the 1TB storage drive. It will cost $449, which is a $50 discount from the current model and the same price as the competing all-digital PS5.

For those who want to beef up their Xbox Series X instead, there’s also a new “special edition” Xbox Series X in the works. It won’t be getting a performance upgrade, but storage will see a bump to 2TB and the console will be decorated with a “Galaxy Black” pattern, which essentially means it’ll have dozens of little stars decorating it. The system will launch this holiday in unspecified “limited quantities” for $599.

The 1TB Xbox Series S, which costs $349 ($50 more than the 512GB version), is also getting a new white color option. Previously, it was only available in black. It’s also slated for holiday 2024.

And that’s it. For folks who already have an Xbox, there’s little reason to swap out to one of these new models, but for those just now getting into the ecosystem, you’ll soon have plenty of additional color and capacity options.

Current Xbox Models

Until now, Xbox has used its white color scheme exclusively on the Xbox Series S, while black was reserved for the Series X and the 1TB Series S. Below is a list of all current Xbox Series S and Series X models.

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