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African History

Were Black Slaves of the 1600's European Royalty of a Swarthy or Tawney HUe? Tuesday 8/20/19

There are many portraits of common Blacks still in existence in Europe, for those still not convinced of the degenerate lying nature of the Albinos, we offer their explanation for these native European Blacks – THEY’RE AFRICANS! That’s right, whenever a portrait of a European Black is encountered, the explanation is always, it’s an African. For even the dimmest reader would know that humans breed and congregate in extended family groups, tribes, and larger groups. So upon seeing a few, the question would be, where are the rest? As we all know, they best way to hide something in plain sight, is to call it something else. Thus Russian General Gannibal is described as an African.

The lessons learned in the previously detailed degenerate habits of the Albinos need to be learned well, for the material following will test your cognitive abilities. As we have seen, the Albinos use the trick of declaring all Blacks in Europe as recently expatriated Africans to explain their lingering vestiges. This same trick is used extensively in other settings in the proceeding material, great attention must be paid to it.

In the preceding pages we demonstrated that up to the late medieval: Europe, and in this case Britain, was teeming with Black nobility and commoners. Yet today, just a few hundred years later, there are NONE, ZERO, native Blacks in Britain. Here we present the 2001 census results for Britain.


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