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Watch: Jonathan Glazer’s Ad for Prada – Featuring Scarlett Johansson

Watch: Jonathan Glazer’s Ad for Prada – Featuring Scarlett Johansson

April 7, 2024
Source: YouTube

Jonathan Glazer's Prada Ad

“His face was as the heavens and therein stuck.” Who knew we’d be getting another brand new Jonathan Glazer film so soon after the Oscar-winning The Zone of Interest? Prada commissioned Glazer to direct a short ad promoting their latest handbag. He re-teamed with his Under the Skin star Scarlett Johansson, who is really the star of the show in this ad for Prada’s The Galleria bag. “The campaign is a celebration of technique, an ode to the mechanism of acting as the true motor of cinema – and to the talent of the actor… Still & motion images showcase Johansson as an actor, honing her art — repeating phrases with different feeling and meaning, she showcases the infinite self-transformation that define an actor’s skill.” It also has another intriguing Mica Levi score, though it’s hard to tell since there is barely 90 seconds of footage here. In addition to his acclaimed features, Glazer also made the other short films The Fall and Strasbourg 1518.

Jonathan Glazer's Prada Ad

Thanks to Twitter for the tip on this commercial short. Full intro via Prada’s YouTube: “Prada partners with Scarlett Johansson to spotlight the Prada Galleria bag and celebrate the art of performance. Johansson’s daily essential, the Prada Galleria, is more than just an accessory, it is a symbol of excellence, mirroring her shifting persona. Actors continually reinvent themselves to embody the characters they become. This notion has connected cinema to Prada throughout its history—a trait present in its designs and storytelling as a medium for expression and inspiration.” Prada The Galleria is directed by the acclaimed English writer / filmmaker Jonathan Glazer, director of the movies Sexy Beast, Birth, Under the Skin, and The Zone of Interest previously, and an Academy Award winner as of this year for Best International Film. With creative direction by Ferdinando Verderi. More about Prada Galleria here. To see more shorts, click here. Thoughts?


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