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Was Golden Bachelor Marriage A Total Lie?! The View Hot Takes Incoming!

The Golden Bachelor breakup is affecting all of us in different ways…

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist called it quits on their marriage after just three months! So of course they talked about it on The View, where they’ve been covering the “relationship” for months now. And clearly it’s been torture the whole time for Ana Navarro! Hilariously, she couldn’t even wait for Joy Behar to finish introducing the topic and ask the table a question! She erupted with smug elation:

“For like six months, you tortured me every Friday and made me talk about this topic, which I can’t stand because I think it’s manufactured and a complete crock! So today I get to say, ‘I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!’”

Ha! Clearly not a fan of The Bachelor franchise in general — but especially this one! She thought the whole thing was one big lie, and she isn’t alone! Plenty of viewers, even Bachelor fans, caught wind of something less than legit about Gerry. He just kept playing the wounded bird, the grieving widower who might just be ready to start again… And then it came out he’d been dating a TON of women since his wife died, one of whom lasted over two years, and they lived together! So that was all an act!

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And when it was revealed Gerry and Theresa never bothered to move in together after the wedding, we mean… come on! Ana has been sure it was B.S. the whole time! But that was not so all around the table as true believer Sunny Hostin adorably lamented:

“I fell for this nonsense, and I’m upset! Because I thought since they were older they knew better! And they could find love! And they didn’t!”

Optimist Sara Haines still seems to think they were real, just that they fell into the trap of rushing into the nuptials. She offered:

“I would argue their mistake was, when they offered them a wedding on air, and they got married 20 days later or whatever, that probably was the mistake.”

Ana wasn’t having it! She blasted:

“The mistake was going on national TV to try to feign a relationship and love!”

Ha! The fans at the table, like Alyssa Farah Griffin, pointed out some of the couples from Bachelor Nation have gone the distance. But like we said, this couple in particular felt even less legitimate than the rest. And fair on Ana for calling them out for it — and getting to quip:

“I’ve had pimples that last longer than this marriage!”

Side note: love the ladies going after a fellow ABC franchise! Watch for yourself (below)!

[Image via The View/Bachelor Nation/YouTube.]

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