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Uncle Luke Has Message For Drake And Rick Ross Following Fight

The internet was set on fire this week, after video showed Rick Ross in a heated altercation in Canada. Thankfully, the ‘Aston Martin Music’ rapper walked away with no major injuries following the incident. But the moment did spark wide spread speculation about Drake’s involvement. Though there’s been no evidence linking the Canadian goons to Drake, the internet continues to speculate. Part of that speculation is coming from Miami rapper, Uncle Luke. The iconic 2 Live Crew member hopped on Instagram to weigh in on what’s been going on, and warn his fellow rappers about history repeating itself.

In the video clips, Uncle Luke calls the altercation in Canada “unacceptable.” Once the video hit the net, it appears Drake’s Instagram account ‘liked’ a post showcasing the incident. Uncle Luke criticized Drake for this, saying:

“When there is violence, you don’t condone it. You should be bigger than that.”

Social Media Reacts To Uncle Luke’s Unsolicited Advice

We hopped in The Shade Room’s comment section to get a feel for what the Roommates had to say. Clearly, Uncle Luke’s sentiments sparked a huge debate. Some folks couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy in his sentiment, asserting Rick Ross was the one who started the “beef.”

One roommate @Karimellis2.0, said: “Ross invited himself into this beef and almost got Wing Stomped by some garlic and white habanero….”

@Nigerican_Papi_ : Where was he when Rick ross was calling Drake a pedo and antagonizing him. But he’s upset about a like

@Kayyart: Rick Ross should’ve minded his business & went to get some chicken

@FashionKami: Respectfully Unc stay quiet just like you was when Ross was threatening drakes Plane and when his house was shot up 

@Beauttifulshana: So it was ok for Rick Ross to go to Canada being messy, he should have never inserted himself. They both need to stop!

@IamTugga:  Right Unc but ain’t nobody tell Ross to go there and do that.

Uncle Luke Wasn’t The Only One Weighing In On The Rick Ross Video

Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross’ eldest son, and arch nemesis was on his HEAD after seeing the video. Y’all know how they say some rivalries will never die? Well it’s feeling like Tia vs. Ross is one of them. See her NSFW take below.

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What Do You Think Roomies?

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