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TT star Britney Cooper to coach in Bermuda

West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago star Britney Cooper is set to coach in Bermuda as part of a deal between Cricket West Indies (CWI), the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB), and the Bermuda Government Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation.

Cooper and Trinidad-born Ryan Austin will lead coaching sessions at the Annual Summer Day Mini Cup Match Classic on 25 July.

The youth cricket camps will showcase their talents on a level playing field in an event sponsored by Coralise Group Limited (CG).

The initiative aims at fostering talent and passion for the sport in Bermuda.

Cooper represented the West Indies 25 times and played a key role in their T20 World Cup triumph in 2016.

Ryan Austin, a former West Indies player,  has completed the CWI Level Three Coaching qualification and is currently the Assistant Coach to the West Indies Senior Women’s Team.

“Our goal has always been to leverage our relationship with Cricket West Indies to support and develop cricket in Bermuda, our home country. We aim to instil a deep love and excitement for our national game among the youth, fostering a lifelong passion for cricket,” said Naz Farrow, CEO of CG.

“The support given to this year’s Government Summer Day Campers and the CG-sponsored Mini Cup Match is a significant step towards achieving this goal. Additionally, the opportunity for Bermuda Cricket Board’s year[1]round coaches and players to interact with CWI coaches is a fantastic bonus, and we look forward to the positive impact of this initiative,” the CG chief executive added.

“We are grateful to CG for facilitating the arrival of these advanced coaches to Bermuda. Their expertise will be invaluable to our local players and coaches, creating a lasting legacy that will benefit Bermuda cricket for years to come,” said Calvin Blankendal of the Bermuda Cricket Board.

“We are thrilled that CG has taken the initiative to foster a love for cricket among our youth. The collaboration with the Bermuda Cricket Board and the expert coaching from CWI will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our local campers and coaches. We look forward to seeing the enthusiasm and skills that this program will inspire,” said Senator Owen K. Darrell, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

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