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The Tale of Tattoo Artist Jonathan Shaw in ‘Scab Vendor’ Doc Trailer

The Tale of Tattoo Artist Jonathan Shaw in ‘Scab Vendor’ Doc Trailer

June 16, 2024
Source: YouTube

Scab Vendor Trailer

“My childhood was a typical American-dream nightmare…” Dark Star Pics has revealed the official trailer for Scab Vendor, an indie documentary from Brazilian filmmakers about a beloved tattoo artist. Born with a silver spoon to artist parents, Jonathan Shaw chose, at the height of his career as a tattoo artist, to give up on his celebrity lifestyle in order to escape from his own vicious cycle. This is the story of Shaw and how he became a tattoo man and found his calling. This festival description is even better: Shaw’s life could have been written by Charles Bukowski. Between Brasil, New York and L.A., drug addiction and art, surrounded by stars and his famous clients and friends – Johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop – the tattoo artist is constantly finding new ways to manifest himself: he is an illustrator, dropout and author – and at the same time remains an outlaw at heart. After playing at festivals the last few years, Scab Vendor is finally releasing on VOD along with a small tour featuring Jonathan Shaw appearing in person. Check out the footage below.

Here’s the official trailer (+ two posters) for de Barros & Thome’s Scab Vendor, direct from YouTube:

Scab Vendor Poster

Scab Vendor Poster

Scab Vendor is a feature-length documentary look at the life of Jonathan Shaw, the son of bandleader Artie Shaw and Hollywood starlet Doris Dowling. After overdosing in his 20s, Jonathan learned from the best American tattoo artists and quickly became the go-to tattoo artist in NYC. His Fun City Tattoo Studio opened before tattooing was legal in Manhattan and was frequented by his friends, Johnny Depp and punk legend Iggy Pop. Scab Vendor explores how a man, at the height of his career, chose to give up on his celebrity lifestyle to escape from his own vicious cycle. Scab Vendor is co-directed by filmmakers Lucas de Barros (Ao Som do Chamamé, Aquela Mistura) & Mariana Robles Thome (Desterro, I Read Your Book And… Jonathan Shaw). Based on the book written by Jonathan Shaw. Produced by Enrique Aular, Lucas de Barros, Christian Jurgensen, and Mariana Robles Thome. This initially premiered at the 2022 Warsaw Film Festival a few years ago. Dark Star Pictures will debut Scab Vendor on VOD in the US starting July 30th, 2024, with a special theatrical tour event featuring Shaw beginning June 14th – follow here. Worth a look?


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