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The Story Of The Other Young Girl Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Were Accused Of Raping Is A Tragic Mystery

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

You may have recently heard of Katie Johnson. Though it’s gotten almost no coverage in the media landscape obsessed with the fact Biden is old, her horrifying story is at least being shared now.

Katie (not her real name) is a woman who filed a lawsuit in 2016 in which she claimed Donald Trump and a then mostly unknown to the public Jeffrey Epstein had raped her when she was just 13 years old. It’s a truly disgusting story. You can read more HERE.

Katie Says

But something which goes somewhat overlooked in that story is the other little girl. See, in Katie’s legal filing from April 2016 she says she was “forced to engage in an unnatural lesbian sex act with her fellow minor and sex slave” — Maria Doe — in front of Trump for his “sexual enjoyment.” Afterward “both minors were forced to orally copulate Defendant Trump by placing their mouths simultaneously on his erect penis until he achieved sexual orgasm.” The complaint adds:

“After zipping up his pants, Defendant Trump physically pushed both minors away while angrily berating them for the ‘poor’ quality of their sexual performance.”

It’s horrifying this should have happened to 13-year-old Katie. But she says Maria was even younger — just 12 years old!

Obviously the story was largely dismissed in 2016… but given what we know about Epstein and his underage sex trafficking ring now it all seems much more plausible. Hell, we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to a few key men known to have been close associates with the billionaire pedophile. And it turns out it may have dropped years ago before anyone knew they were looking for it.

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Katie allegedly dropped her lawsuit to protect herself, claiming she and her family’s lives had been threatened by Trump and Epstein. Just before going public with her identity she got too scared and basically vanished. She remains a bit of a mystery — all we have is her legal filings. But perhaps an even bigger mystery is this Maria Doe. She didn’t even come forward with her own accusations. Who was she?

Maria’s Story

Well, here’s where it gets really tricky. There is a report out there which claims to have identified Maria as a child kidnapping victim… something which makes sense if she was a “sex slave” to Epstein at just 12 years old. But be warned, we’re kind of going down the rabbit hole here. This investigation was a partnership between a political watchdog group called the Justice Integrity Project and an independent reporter named Wayne Madsen. Madsen is actually known as a conservative conspiracy theorist, having once been connected to Alex Jones, though the two reportedly had a falling out. So take this all with a healthy dose of skepticism… Unlike Katie’s legal filing, this is not a firsthand account but rather investigative reporting which has not been corroborated by larger outlets. (Though to be fair, we don’t know if it’s even been looked at by larger outlets.)

According to this report, Maria was abducted from Waterbury, Connecticut when she was just 11 years old. They claim this child, the same one who would end up in that NYC town house with Epstein and Trump, was first reported missing by her mother on March 20, 1993. She was allegedly last seen the day before, talking with a man who was later IDed as a Colombian national who went by the nickname “Papito.” Little Daddy, for those who don’t habla.

The Waterbury Police Department‘s report says the tween was last seen outside of Nash’s Pizza, a popular eatery in the Puerto Rican neighborhood where she lived. Wait, sorry, not an actual real pizzagate?? Not exactly… Madsen and the Justice Integrity Project don’t point fingers at the restaurant — instead they say she was kidnapped by men involved in a trafficking ring like ones you might see straight out of the movies, taking little girls off the street for wealthy and powerful men.

It seems literally unbelievable… until you remember what we know to be true about what Epstein was doing. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem all that farfetched anymore…

So if they’re right, somehow this little girl was trafficked and ended up held by Epstein — and was sexually abused by the future President of the United States. Just a rotten sentence we wish we didn’t have to even think about.

The Mayor of Waterbury

An interesting link to all this… Does the name of the city sound familiar? Waterbury, Connecticut? No reason why it might to most, but it just might if you’re from the general area… or extremely knowledgeable on the subject of America’s worst political scandals of all time…

A man named Philip Giordano was elected mayor of Waterbury in 1995, just a couple years after Maria’s disappearance. He was also the Republican Party’s candidate for Senate in 2000 against Joe Lieberman. He lost that race, however, and instead of joining Congress continued to serve as Mayor until 2001.

Wait, so he started after Maria was abducted?

So… No reason it should be considered a connection… except for the coincidence he left office in disgrace when he was ARRESTED. See, Mayor Giordano was under investigation for municipal corruption, something about kickbacks, self-dealing, and working with the local mafia. Crazy stuff. But the craziest part is, during the investigation the FBI found something else — phone records and photos with a prostitute… and her 8-year-old daughter and 10-year-old niece. He had apparently paid the drug-addicted woman to let him have sexual contact with these two little girls.

Giordano was ultimately convicted of 14 federal counts of using his phone to solicit sex from two minors. He was sentenced to 37 years — apart from all the municipal corruption stuff. After that he faced state charges. Back in Connecticut he pleaded no contest to 4 counts of first-degree sexual assault and 4 counts of conspiracy to commit sexual assault. He got another 18 years for that, though they’re to be served concurrently.

He’s still in prison, thankfully.

Look, this is probably all a coincidence. A Republican president accused of raping a 12-year-old girl who happens to have been abducted from a town which, right after, had a Republican mayor who ended up being a convicted pedophile? We’re not saying it’s all part of some vast conspiracy, some huge ring of child molesters, but… Well, we know there was an underage sex trafficking ring. And while Epstein may be dead, and Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison, NO ONE ELSE has faced any consequences or been fully confirmed as a participant. We may not want to believe it, but we know for a fact there are many big names in business and politics who were involved. And frankly, the fact the news isn’t leading with this every night is kind of crazy… right?

Where Is Maria?

One last thing… though maybe the most important… What happened to Maria after all this??

We hope she’s living a happy life somewhere, healed and moved on. We don’t know how naive that hope may be, but that’s what we’d like to believe. The problem is…

As part of Katie Johnson’s lawsuit against Trump and Epstein, she found a corroborating witness. Tiffany Doe came forward as well, admitting to working for Jeffrey Epstein as a “party planner” — the one who first convinced Katie to attend his parties. (This started when Tiffany was just 22, so we may be talking about another trafficking victim being promoted here. She does say she started out “being paid to entertain various guests.”)

Tiffany backs Katie’s story completely, saying she “personally witnessed the sexual encounters” described. She adds something Katie doesn’t mention about Maria though.

In her sworn testimony she says she “personally witnessed” Trump and Epstein “physically threaten the life and well-being” of Katie. But she remembers something specific Trump told the 13-year-old:

“I personally witnessed Defendant Trump telling the Plaintiff that she shouldn’t ever say anything if she didn’t want to disappear like the 12-year-old female Maria, and that he was capable of having her whole family killed.”

JFC. He’s implying Maria was killed. What in the actual f**k. You can read Tiffany Doe’s entire declaration HERE btw.

So it’s possible the reason Maria never came forward is that she couldn’t… because he made her “disappear”?? This is… a whole other level of scary from a guy we were already terrified of. If this is true, it suddenly makes sense why Katie chose to drop her suit and run away, back into anonymity.

Of course, one other person could have testified against Trump here… Unfortunately before Jeffrey Epstein could be prosecuted and turn on all his co-conspirators in the sex trafficking ring, well… he died in police custody. It was reported a suicide, though no one has really believed that for five years.

Seems like we’ll never know what really happened to Maria. A 12-year-old girl. A sixth grader, ffs.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and would like to learn more about resources, consider checking out

[Image via MEGA/WENN/NYC Sex Offender Registry/Connecticut Department of Correction.]

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