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African History

The Impact of Blacks on the Renaissance of the Middle Ages

The purpose of Dr. Rufus O. Jimerson’s The Impact of Afro-Europeans on the Renaissance of the Middle Ages at for paperbacks or for e-book users on your i-phone or tablet is to look into the minds, thinking, and work of Renaissance thinkers who were inspired by the Moorish transmission of Ancient Nile Valley civilizations in the Land of the Blacks. Rediscovery of the African Mystery System through the Moors and the Islamic Renaissance precipitated the rebirth of culture, art, and science in Europe’s High Middle Ages which gave birth to the Age of the Enlightenment, a prerequisite to our Modern Age. All this occurred when rulers with Moorish lineage linked to Kemet, The Land of the Blacks, prevailed over Europe as highlighted. These “blue bloods that were black” had to hide their “otherness” as the populist movement emerged among the white masses out of the Reformation. White powder and wigs were employed as images were whitened and made to reflect those in the populous with familiar backgrounds.

The art, culture, and science discovered by Renaissance thinkers was drawn from the universally literate Black Moors and taught to the mostly illiterate white Europeans living in their own ignorance, pestilence, and filth. The pathway for this rebirth runs out of numerous universities and libraries in Moorish-occupied Southwest Europe consisting of Spain, Portugal, and Sicily, etc. Renaissance thinkers used this knowledge written in Arabic and Greek by translating it into Latin and eventually the national language, particularly after the printing press was introduce to accelerate the publication of books and documents. Translations were accredited as purely white innovations while its black origins were dismissed by scientific racist that became popular since the 18th century to support a Western “status-quo” whose wealth was accrued from African slavery and continued oppression of them and people of color to this day.


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