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Taiwanese startups join forces with Southeast Asia to venture into Tokyo, Japan


ASEAN TechCrossroads Mixer

Startup Island TAIWAN, in collaboration with over 30 prominent Taiwanese startups, proudly represented Taiwan’s thriving startup ecosystem at the prestigious SusHi Tech Tokyo event, emerging as a focal point of the exhibition. Over a hundred delegates embarked on a week-long series of diverse startup engagements in Tokyo, encompassing visits to JETRO, CiC, investor gatherings, and notably, the joint organisation of an international startup summit with counterparts from over five Southeast Asian nations.

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Participants from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian cities converged in Tokyo alongside representatives from around the globe, collectively exploring avenues for collaboration.

A steadfast commitment to fostering a startup-friendly ecosystem

Allen John Ku, Director of the esteemed national startup brand, Startup Island TAIWAN, delivered an insightful address that highlighted Taiwan’s recent proactive endeavours in penetrating the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. He emphasised Taiwan’s pivotal role as a bridge, linking partners across the Asia-Pacific region, and fostering collaborative endeavours to seize market opportunities.


Concurrently, he lauded the Taiwanese government’s steadfast commitment to fostering a startup-friendly ecosystem, creating an internationally conducive environment, and forging strategic international partnerships aimed at bolstering the global footprint of Taiwanese startups.

Taiwanese startups expanding to the Japanese market

Taiwan’s participation in SusHi Tech, under the auspices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, aims to facilitate the seamless integration of Taiwanese startups into the Japanese market landscape. Furthermore, plans are underway for the third annual Japan-Taiwan Startup Summit scheduled for September this year. The summit aims to attract an increased cohort of Taiwanese startups and international partners to Japan, fostering greater support from Japanese counterparts and creating a plethora of collaboration opportunities.

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