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Summer activity challenge | Slimming World Blog

If you’re thinking about building a more active lifestyle, summer is an ideal time to start – even more so for those of us with kids at home to keep busy. We’ve got 30 ideas to keep you and your family moving, come rain or shine. Try as many as you like for an action-packed month! 

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Our unique Body Magic activity programme is all about getting active in a way that feels comfortable for your fitness level and that fits in with your lifestyle, so feel free to skip, repeat or adapt any of these ideas to suit you. 

Find a new park 

Chasing the kids around and pushing swings will definitely get your heart rate going. If you’ve grown tired of your usual park, find somewhere different to rekindle the excitement. Ask on social media for local favourites, or search here – you could even set yourselves a challenge to visit a new park every day.   

Try an adventure activity 

If you’re looking to pack maximum activity into your day, a visit to an outdoor adventure centre ticks all the boxes. There’s something to suit every age and activity level, from zip wires and challenging obstacles to rope walkways and bounce nets. 

Play a game 

When the weather’s playing ball, garden games of catch, frisbee and chase are a fantastic free way to get active with the kids. You could also invest in a swingball set, a basketball hoop, child-friendly skittles, croquet or quoits – or an oversized set of dominoes, Jenga or snakes and ladders. If the sun stops shining, simply move playtime indoors!   

Check out the leisure centre 

Local leisure centres often have special timetables during the holidays, which can include everything from roller skating to badminton. Joining in with the kids will give your activity levels a brilliant boost! 

Plan an active day trip 

Spending a whole day at a theme park or zoo can tot up a surprising number of steps. To reap the biggest health and wellbeing benefits, explore at a brisk pace – one that increases your breathing, raises your heart rate and makes you feel warmer (while you’re still able to hold a conversation). 

Kirsty in a field of pink tulips

Kirsty is on cloud nine after reaching her dream weight – and what better way to celebrate than with a trip to blooming-beautiful tulip fields?

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Press play on a workout video 

Slimming World members can take their pick from 90 exclusive activity videos that are specially designed to help them enjoy the benefits of regular activity, whatever their fitness level or ability. The collection includes seated workouts, strength training, dance, cardio and balance exercises – everything’s covered! 

Go retro 

Think back to your own childhood and what kept you occupied during the long summer holidays. Hula- hooping, roller skating, skipping, hopscotch… a trip down memory lane can be a lovely way to add some movement into your day and get the kids off their devices. 

Take the dog out 

Even though walking is one of the simplest ways to get active, sometimes there may be barriers that stop us from stepping out. If you feel self-conscious walking by yourself, or you just find it a bit dull, a furry walking companion can help. Those who aren’t dog-parents themselves could borrow a willing one from family, friends or a neighbour. There are also apps that connect would-be dog walkers with local pooches, for the best paw-sible match. 

Head to the beach 

If you’re off to the seaside, there’ll be buckets (and spades) of activities to try, from frisbee and kite-flying to beach volleyball. Or release your inner child and build a sandcastle – all the squatting, digging and walking to and from the shore definitely counts as Body Magic activity! 

Caroline walking her dog

Our member Caroline has lost 5st 7lbs and enjoys keeping active with seaside walks (accompanied by her furry friend, Molly). 

Opt for an outdoor gym 

There are thousands of outdoor gyms across the UK, so there’s likely to be one near you (you’ll find interactive maps online). These gyms include bikes, treadmills and toning machines to give you a well-rounded workout – and they’re all free to use. 

Make a splash 

Swimming is an energy-burning, body-toning stress buster that works every major muscle group without putting pressure on your joints – which is why it’s suitable for so many of us. If little ones need a bit more variety to keep them occupied, a trip to a water park is a real treat.    

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Download a new app 

There are thousands of fitness apps – many of them free! With apps for everything from running to home workouts, you’re bound to find one you enjoy – and that’s the secret to making activity a lasting habit. 

Hit the shops 

Making the most of your local greengrocers, butchers and food markets is a great alternative to driving out to a supermarket. Give the kids a list and make it a game to find what you need, clocking up steps as you go. 

Set up a sports day 

Even if you weren’t a fan at school, setting up a garden ‘sports day’ can be brilliant for a sunny afternoon (whether it’s with the kids or a game-for-a-laugh group of friends). You can pick up inexpensive kits containing everything you need – or go ‘old school’ and hard-boil some eggs for the egg-and-spoon race! 

Take a walk  

Fresh air, lovely views, birdsong… no wonder a study found that people who head outside for a stroll can feel their mood lift in just 15 minutes – and you can up the family-fun factor by taking along scooters or bikes. 

Any walk that makes you feel warmer and speeds up your heart rate brings benefits, and choosing a route with a hill or two will work the muscles in your thighs and bum even harder. 

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Dive into wild swimming 

If you find doing lengths a bit unexciting and the weather’s nice and warm, an energetic paddle at a wild swimming spot is sure to get the blood flowing! 


Our member and Consultant Georgie stepped outside of her comfort zone and made a splash with friends. 

Get on your bike 

Dry days are a perfect opportunity for a bike ride. If it’s been a while since you were last in the saddle, a flat cycle trail is the safest bet (you’ll find routes on the Sustrans website). If you’ve got really young children, you could hire a bike with a trailer or child seat.   

Organise a treasure hunt 

A trip to the woods is great for keeping the kids entertained in the holidays – throw a treasure hunt into the mix and turn your walk into a real adventure. Plan your own course and clues, or head to to find routes near you. 

Give watersports a go 

Whether you visit a watersports centre or book a taster session at the seaside, activities like kayaking, sailing and surfing are adrenalin-pumping ways to squeeze in some exercise.  

Slimming World member Sarah on a paddle board

Sarah loves paddle boarding – and brings her Body Magic buddies along to make it even more enjoyable.

Spruce up your garden 

Summer is always a busy time for your outdoor space. Energetic digging and raking count as cardio, while pushing a wheelbarrow or mower and carrying heavy pots will add some strength training, too.

Member story: Gardening helped Hilary lose more than 12st!

Switch on the console 

Video games have come a long way since the early days of Mario and Sonic, and you can now combine activity with boosting your top score. Depending on your console, you can play a variety of fitness games – from fun dance party games to bowling, boxing, skiing, yoga and tennis. It’s ideal for those inevitable rainy days during the holidays, too!

Try a new outdoor sport 

Do you live near a tennis court, a golf or mini golf course, or a cycle track? Make it your mission to try something you’ve never done before this summer and, who knows, you might find an activity you really love. 

Judit holding a tennis racket-tennis tips-slimming world blog

Slimming World Consultant Judit made the most of the sunshine by playing a few sets at her local outdoor tennis court.

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Hit the arcade 

Arcades aren’t just for seaside trips – you’ll find them in shopping malls and entertainment centres. Jump on the dance mat, whack-a-mole or hoopla to tot up activity while scoring plenty of brownie points with the kids. 

Get in your lane 

Bowling alleys are another fab place to strike off your daily activity with friends or family – or you could invest in a bowling set for the garden (works best on a flat patio surface).  Trampoline parks, climbing centres, laser tag and Ninja Warrior obstacle courses are other options for drizzly days.

Sign up to Parkrun 

Organised running (or walking) events are brilliant for boosting your commitment to activity – and for discovering new routes and meeting other runners. Going along to a Parkrun is a good starting point, as there’s likely to be one near you and they also offer junior events.    

Do a little dance 

Are you going to a music festival or garden party this summer? Let your hair down and show off your moves to get your heart rate up and the feel-good endorphins flowing – or challenge the kids to a kitchen dance-off and show them how it’s done! 

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Join a club 

Now’s a smashing time to road-test a new hobby, and joining a club will help you maintain your commitment. Climbing, jogging, archery, horse-riding, tennis, wild-swimming, dog agility, axe throwing… the list is almost endless! 

Stretch it out 

On those days when you just want to take it slow, a simple stretching workout can help to boost flexibility and leave you feeling relaxed. Slimming World members have access to 16 flexibility workout videos on the member website, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes long so they’re easy to fit into your day. 

Gather a team 

If you’ve got playing fields or a beach near you, organise a light-hearted game of rounders, cricket or football. You can set the pace and there’s no need to keep score unless you want to. It’s all about getting together in the fresh air for some fun with friends and family. 

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Walk and talk 

A sociable stroll can turn a simple walk into something to really look forward to – and buddying up can be an excellent motivator. Putting plans on your calendar will make you more likely to stick to them, especially if you know they’re on someone else’s calendar, too!  

How will Slimming World help me get more active? 

Our unique Body Magic activity programme supports you to build up your fitness levels at your own pace. When you join Slimming World, you’ll get access to our full get-fit tool kit, including: 

  • expert support to help you recognise, then overcome, any personal barriers 
  • 90 fun, easy-to-follow activity videos  
  • a series of guided walking podcasts 
  • Body Magic awards to celebrate your progress 
  • fitness quizzes and articles, including exercise guides and activity ideas 
  • member-exclusive podcasts to listen to on-the-go 
  • a handy online tracker to plan and record your activity 

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