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Social Media Reacts To Donald Trump & Joe Biden’s Dumpster Fire Of A Presidential Debate!

What in the hell did we just watch?!

On Thursday night, current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump met for the first debate in the 2024 election season. Hosted and moderated by CNN, the debate had no live audience and pretty strict rules as far as time limits for candidate answers and when their microphones would be shut off. And it was, from the very start, a total dumpster fire.

Trump whined and complained, spoke too much about his golf game, and tried to dance around the dozens of felonies of which he’s been convicted. Meanwhile, Biden looked and sounded… asleep. And that’s, uh, putting it very generously. In the end, America really was left to ask itself just one question: are these two old guys REALLY the best we’ve got?????

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Thankfully, the debate at least gave us about a billion hilarious (and deeply depressing) social media reactions. So, without further ado, let’s just go there. It’s less despairing than trying to analyze the stumbles and missteps of these two 500-year-old men vying to lead the country. Ugh. Here are the best and zaniest things (Twitter) had to say about the Thursday night debate debacle (below)!


Crazy, right?!  WTF are we doing here?? And then there was this (below):


Folks… when a Jersey Shore cast member makes ONE THOUSAND TIMES morse sense in a single tweet than either one of the candidates on stage for the entire night, it’s time to admit that America needs to change course. You know what?! F**k it. Let’s just go there: Vinny Guadagnino for President!! He definitely can’t be any worse than these two old dudes!!

BTW, if you missed the debate last night and for some ungodly reason you actually want to watch it now, well, here ya go:

We ask, again: are these two old guys really the best we’ve got?!

What did U make of the debate, y’all?! Thoughts?? Reactions?? Hot takes?! Share ’em (below)!

[Image via CNN/YouTube]

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