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Runs for Cookies: Three Things Thursday: Deep Thoughts

I used to enjoy writing the Three Things Thursday posts, so I don’t know why I stopped doing them. When I was a kid, my older brother had a book called “Deep Thoughts” (as well as the sequels “Deeper Thoughts” and “Deepest Thoughts”) by Jack Handy. They were kind of like coffee table books–a random (often very funny) thought on each page. Just a few sentences and nothing profound; just a tidbit of something that is usually relatable.

When Twitter became a thing, I started seeing screenshots of tweets pop up everywhere, and many of them looked like something from a Deep Thoughts book! Here are a few that made me laugh. And then I’ll include a few random ones of my own as…

This guy, @simoncholland, is HILARIOUS. I follow on Instagram (his posts are just screenshots of his tweets, like this one).

Does anybody?! I’m genuinely curious.

When I was deleting everything from Facebook recently, I saved a lot of my old “status updates”. I mostly wrote funny things that my kids said or did and I stopped writing them years ago, but there were some fun ones that I found. Here are three that made me smile…

Listen, if you ignore the hairstyles, the 1990’s was the greatest decade ever.

Noah was 11 years old at the time.

(Eli is right-handed)

And a fourth, because it was hard to narrow it down to just three! …

Back then, friends used to tell me that I should write a book about the funny things my kids say/do; while I don’t think they are book-worthy, I’m so glad I wrote these sorts of things down. I wish I’d have continued these posts through the years–they are so fun to look back on. Kids are so funny when you take the time to really listen to them! I wish I’d written down more of their teenage things, because I most certainly wasn’t ready for *that* 😉

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