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#MKPD – Anglophone Cameroon History by Prof Julius Ngoh, June 2022. Know your History

#MKPD – Anglophone Cameroon History.
Part 1: Dismantling the Federal System.

Part 2: Anglophone Political Disunity.

Part 3: Part 3 – Legality of Federal Constitution

Part 4: 1995. The Advent of Anglophone Secessionism, Creation of SCNC, and Anglophones went back to the UN, asking to re-open the UN decolonisation file.

Part 5: UN resolution 1608, – How the implementation was completed LEGALLY, and the Southern Cameroons case CLOSED.

Commentary. The UN trusteeship agreement with the UK has been terminated. The UK notified the UN that it had done it’s job in granting Independence to Former Southern Cameroons. The people of Former Southern Cameroons DID NOT complain. La Republique du Cameroon did NOT complain. The UN did not complain. Case CLOSED.

Know your History.

Special Thanks to Professor Victor Julius Ngoh for free history Lesson.
Special Thanks to My Media Prime, and Mr Kum Leonard for his relentless efforts to bring us News Opinions and relevant information that informs and educates the English-Speaking people of Cameroon. We owe you a debt of gratitude.. But also a bigger debt of criticism, because we want more, and we expect more, and you know we Anglophones right? The day you don’t give us what we want, just be ready to receive plenty of insults from all kinds of idiots. LoL

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