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Mexican drug cartel Sinaloa claims it handed in robbers who killed Robinson brothers

The thieves accused of killing Perth brothers Callum and Jake Robinson and their US friend were reportedly handed over to police by a drug cartel.

The brothers and Jack Rhoad are believed to have been robbed then murdered while they were camping in the Ensenada region — which is under the control of feared crime cartel Sinaloa.

A member of the cartel has claimed that the men accused of carrying out the bungled robbery — Jesus Gerardo Garcia Cota and his brother Cristian Alejandro Garcia — were not part of the group.

“They were low-level robbers acting alone,” he told The Daily Beast.

“But we handed them over. We learned that the cops were looking for the gringos and also began looking for those who were responsible.

“We called the authorities to let them know where to find them.”

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