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McDonald’s Customers Are Not Lovin’ a Major Change Coming to Restaurants: ‘McRipoff’

Big Mac combo with drink

Ba da ba ba ba—customers are absolutely not lovin’ the latest update coming out of McDonald’s headquarters.

In late 2023, the chain announced that it would be removing self-serve drink machines—first introduced in 2004 to make the dining experience easier for patrons—by 2032.

According to a Marketplace report, many reasons were listed behind the decision, noting theft, space, and an emphasis on creating a “relaxed dine-in experience.”

At the time, the chain also announced it would be phasing out another fan-favorite perk, with some Golden Arches locations no longer offering free refills.

While many saw the decision as a major blow to longtime customers, a rep for the fast food chain assured Business Insider that the now-over-the-counter refills would remain “at the discretion of individual restaurant owner/operators,” however, that wasn’t enough to put customers at ease.

Fans of the chain took to social media, including Reddit, to vent their frustrations, filing the news under the category, “McRipoff.”

“They raised prices, shrunk serving sizes, skimp on burgers, and now this. Please everyone stop going to McDonald’s,” one fan commented. Although, one might argue that it’s contradictory to the chain’s plans to introduce the biggest burger ever, along with the limited-time $5 value meal plan launching in June to lure in lower-income customers.

“Seriously, this is such a bad idea. This is a huge reason i would choose mcdonalds over another option. Shooting themselves in the foot with this one,” another Redditor noted, as someone questioned, “How do they go from 1 dollar any size to this.”

“Soda is so cheap I cannot see the logic behind this,” a third lamented, as many pointed out it’s the “least expensive overhead, highest margin thing they offer.”

A handful simply chalked it up to corporate “greed.”

However, others pointed out that the outrage wasn’t warranted as “Corporate is letting individual stores decide. McDonald’s isn’t unilaterally getting rid of them.”

Others admitted that they couldn’t remember the last time they stepped foot in a restaurant—opting to order from the app or drive-thru instead—so they never benefited from additional refills in the first place. Meanwhile, many from outside the U.S. questioned the need for free refills, noting it was not common practice in other countries.

The chain recently saw plenty of pushback when it came to menu prices, specifically, changes to its famous Dollar Menu, which advertises $1, $2 and $3 items.

One fan pointed out on TikTok that their local McDonald’s location didn’t include any items actually priced at $1, with the cheapest options on the menu being a McChicken and small French fries, priced at $1.99 apiece.

While McDonald’s may have ruffled some feathers with its refill decision, there are plenty of menu makeovers to get customers excited, including the latest dessert addition—the Grandma McFlurry.

The fast food chain also delighted with the return of some highly-anticipated items such as the McCafé Oreo Frappé, Spicy Chicken McNuggets and the beloved Breakfast Bagels.

McDonald’s even dabbled with some new items while launching the Remix Menu, presenting a collection of items featuring popular mash-ups with a twist and a brand-new partnership with Krispy Kreme.

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