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July Things! • Kath Eats

Here’s a recap of our long 4th of July weekend and other fun events before + after! 

4th of July Recap

We had a wonderful 4th! The day started with a parking lot workout at ACAC. Of course there was lots of red, white and blue. 

Fabi snapped this pic of Thomas and me midway through! We chose the back row for all the shade. 

Way to go team! 

Pool Time

Fry’s Spring pool is always a blast on the 4th! Yes it’s crowded, but it’s so fun with a float competition, a giant whirlpool, belly flop competition and pie bake off!

Lunch Time

Sandwiches from Bellair are always a good idea : ) 

Rain Time


Pie Time

But all was well because I was inside judging a pie competition! I had the citrus and custard category and boy was that a fun job!!! 

Party Time

We left the pool mid afternoon and went home to shower before heading to our friend Spencer’s house for an evening shindig. 

I baked these oatmeal date bars that I had at KK’s house – they are so good! Hopefully I can turn this into a blog recipe to share. 


The boys have been having a great time this summer. Swimming, jumping on the trampoline with the hose, going to their camps, eating ice cream! Mazen even learned to make pancakes!

Date Night

Thomas and I went to Bebedero for a date night that ended at Chaps for birthday cake ice cream. Tis the season!

ACAC Crew Events

What starts sweaty at 8:30am ends up in the pool to cool off! Katie hosted us at her parents’ pool for the day. 

Through The Looking Glass

I finally got to check out the immersive art space at The Looking Glass at IX Park! It was so cool. 

Spooky trees – 

Salad Power

Salad Power sent me some of their salad smoothies to try. These are so funny because they’re just like the toddler pouches we still have Birch eat from time to time! They were definitely on the veggie side of the spectrum, and I tasted carrots most of all. Here’s me eating one after a late soccer game when I needed vegetables but was too tired to cook something: 

These are a great option when you are super busy because they are SO CONVENIENT! I had another one after soccer when I was running to a broadway show with Sean and Birch! By the look on his face, you can tell that Sean was not a fan. I’d say the HLB health nut community will like them, but they might be too “pure” for the everyday person (sorry Sean haha). He did finish it eventually but only after my peer pressure calling it a “pouchie” and getting Birch to tell him it’s not that bad! 

New Sunnies!

Check out some of the new styles from Kohv Eyewear, my favorite sunglasses company! They sent me some new styles and they are very cool. Use code KATHEATS15 for 15% off!

Kath Eats Real Food!

Playa Bowls

My new favorite bowl spot in town! I get the greens and coconut protein bases toped with fruit, nut butter, and granola. 

Peach Yogurt bowl

+ Blueberries

Daily Harvest Flatbread (+ cheese)

Blue Apron Salmon with Farro Salad

And as leftovers the next day!

Blue Apron Shrimp with veggies and coconut rice

Everything Bagel Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli

Crab + Corn Summer Chowder

via Simply Recipes with a very expensive can of crab : ) 

Have a wonderful week!

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