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Impressive Trailer for Macgregor’s ‘A Thousand Suns’ Sci-Fi Web Series

Impressive Trailer for Macgregor’s ‘A Thousand Suns’ Sci-Fi Web Series

April 9, 2024
Source: YouTube

A Thousand Suns Trailer

“In the vastness of space and time, many tales weave into one, under the light of a thousand suns.” There’s an exciting original sci-fi series about to launch next week. A Thousand Suns is the latest creation from a filmmaker known as “Macgregor”, produced by a company called Blackmilk Studio. There’s not much out yet about the plot or the different stories. There will be a total of six anthology episodes to watch: Episode 1 – Ice; Episode 2 – Red; Episode 3 – Exodus; Episode 4 – Deal; Episode 5 – Bug; & Episode 6 – Tomorrow Land. Macgregor says his team of filmmakers, including Ruairi Robinson & Tyson Wade Johnston, worked to craft “films that serve as a gateway to our hopes, dreams… and nightmares.” This seems like a sleek live-action anthology series akin to Love Death + Robots that will tell various sci-fi stories. I’m really digging the footage in this teaser, and will be watching all of these when they drop on April 15th. Enjoy the trailer below.

Here’s the quick teaser trailer for Macgregor’s web series A Thousand Suns, direct from YouTube:

A Thousand Suns Series Poster 1A Thousand Suns Series Poster 2

A Thousand Suns Series Poster 3A Thousand Suns Series Poster 4

Here’s the only synopsis so far: Introducing A Thousand Suns, a mind-bending sci-fi anthology series that explores visions of humanity’s past, present and future. A Thousand Suns is an anthology series streaming online. Created by Macgregor™️, also known as filmmaker Miguel de Olaso (you can see more of his work on his official site). This is produced by Los Angeles production company Blackmilk Studio – visit their official site for more. “We like simple things. Fast cars. Spaceships. Japanese Whiskey. And BIG explosions! We figured if we like this stuff, maybe others will too.” Macgregor has also been involved in the other sci-fi shorts Similo and Los Angeles 1991. The series is directed by a group of filmmakers with Ruairi Robinson (The Last Days on Mars, Corporate Monster), Tyson Wade Johnston (Lunar, Streamline), Tim Hyten (Angels and Fire, Dispatch, Snake Bite), Philip Gelatt (The Bleeding House, They Remain, The Spine of Night). Arriving for streaming online starting April 15th, 2024 – on the official site Who’s in?


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