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Here’s one phrase partners should never say to an exhausted mum!

There are a HEAP of things you should never say to a busy, exhausted mama.

But there is ONE phrase in particular that hubbies often say that will make mums see red! Can you guess what it is?

Stressed mum at home. She has her head in her hands at a messy kitchen sink and her children are running round in the background.

What has got this mum so angry?

While on paper it sounds glorious to stay at home with the kids, we ALL know how tough it can be in the house all day with your little ones.

In fact, a recent study found that stay-at-home mums work two and a half times as much than anyone in a standard 9-5 job. And if it’s hard enough looking after our kids, we also often have to take care of the housework – dishes, vacuuming, dusting – as well as running the rest of the household – husbands included.

So no wonder this mum has taken to UK forum Mumsnet to vent about the one phrase her hubby says that’s getting her so angry.

What was it that got this one mum ranting?


‘If you want me to do something, just tell me’

Her hubby said to her, “If you want me to do something, just tell me.”

Uh oh! That’s an argument waiting to happen, don’t you agree?

“Basically this phrase means to me that he doesn’t ever take the initiative to plan or think about what needs doing and that I’m apparently in charge of everything around the house and he’ll do something if I ‘delegate’ it to him but otherwise won’t think to do it,” the disgruntled mum posted in the forum.

“Why do I always have to be the one that thinks about what needs doing domestically?

“He’s 36 and not an idiot. Surely he can take some responsibility for thinking sometimes about what needs to be done sometimes without me having to specifically ask?

“I know I’m lucky that he will do stuff if I ask him to do it which is better than some men, but I just find it so irksome that it’s never off his own back. He always has to be asked to do something.”

Top tip dads and partners, there are other ways you can help your baby mama, without reluctantly offering to help out.

Make a cuppa, offer to take the baby while your wife has a shower, make or buy dinner, get involved, offer to do things rather than ask.

Any or all of the above are total winner moves. Mums, it might be worth sharing this with your partners.

For those partners of an exhausted mother, share these simple tips with your mates. You won’t regret it and they’ll probably thank you. Seriously, we all will.

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