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Harry Hamlin Shows Receipts of Infamous “RHOBH” Bolognese Fight — but Admits ‘It Made My Sauce Really Famous’

“It came from the fact that they asked me to cook lunch for those girls on the show,” Hamlin said of his new cooking series

has turned a negative into a positive!

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Tuesday, May 14, to promote his cooking show , the Emmy nominee, 72, opened up about how a messy situation landed him his own series.

“I assume that AMC came to you and was like, ‘Let’s do a cooking show,’ in part, because you’re famous for your bolognese on ,’ ” Cagle, 58, said during the interview.

The radio host was referring to an episode of the hit Bravo series in which Hamlin found himself cooking bolognese for the ladies, but then things took a turn after one housewife took his yummy Italian sauce to-go.


“It came from the fact that they asked me to cook lunch for those girls on the show,” Hamlin said, prefacing how the deal came about.

“I made the bolognese and they really liked it,” he shared, stating that some originally expected him to get caterers.

“​​I mean, loved it,” he said. “And then it became a whole thing.”

The 80 for Brady actor said “a fight over it” happened, but eventually led to AMC execs wanting to see first-hand just how good the sauce was — by offering Hamlin his own cooking show.

“Julia was reminding me of the fight over your bolognese on Real Housewives and who was it that wasn’t appreciative?” Cagle asked.

Cunningham explained that in the RHOBH episode, Hamlin had made “this beautiful lunch,” complete with “this montage of all the women swooning over what truly looks like delicious bolognese and then Garcelle gets to take some home.”

According to the co-host, Hamlin’s wife , who is no longer on RHOBH, felt like she “didn’t get a proper apology via text message for said bolognese and it spirals into a full fight.”

Hamlin interjected, claiming the disagreement really stemmed from gala tickets.

“So, Garcelle decided to join in with that person who said that we hadn’t thanked them for Elton John and since that became a thing, then Lisa said, ‘But wait a minute. You never thanked us for the bolognese sauce,’ ” Hamlin said, adding that he still had the text he sent to Beauvais, 57, after the incident.

“Hi Garcelle. No worries. I never, ever expect thank you or acknowledgement. I’m just glad you like my sauce,” he wrote in response to her apology.

“This show brings out the best and the worst in us and in the long run, it’s a learning experience that must not be taken too seriously. I say as long as the checks don’t bounce, have at it. Our friendship is safe and sound.’ That was my text to Garcelle,” Hamlin shared.

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Cunningham seemed impressed with his message.

“Well, the whole thing was baloney to begin with, but here’s the thing. It made my sauce really famous,” Hamlin said.

In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin premieres on Wednesday, May 15, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC+ and IFC.

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