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Dark Ages & Medieval Times – Myths vs Reality

Dark Ages & Medieval Times Myths vs Reality. Medieval Era, life in the 5th to 15th century was even stranger that you thought!!! from shocking superstitions to the preventable plague, here are the most bizarre customs, traditions and mythical creatures during the medieval period you would not believe. If you like the video subscribe and let us know in the comment below, if you could go anywhere in time, where would you go and what would you do?

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#11 Sword Fighting & Driving Skills
When you travel notice that the many countries that still drive on the left side where once English territories and colonies.

#10 No PDA Please!!

#9 Bring Your Own Knife To The Party

#8 Origins of The Military Salute
The reason the right hand is raised and placed over the right eyebrow comes for the way armored knights would salute one another.

#7 The Medieval Japan
Medieval times did not only happen in Europe. Japan also had its dark ages, although the conditions where different for the Japanese.

#6 “Medieval” Religion With 21st Century Equality
The Dark ages are best known for the loss of education of the masses and the raise of power of the very few. The Cathars in medieval Europe were so forward thinking that they were forcefully eradicated as heretics. The Cathar was a fragment of Christianity.

#5 Mythical Creatures in Daily Life
Medieval art was bizarre, they have unique paintings and tapestries that included mythical animals such as unicorns. It was later discovered that the gorgeous unicorn horns were actually from Narwhals sold by the Vikings as real unicorn horns.

#4 Shocking Superstition & Horrible Jobs
So, in order to protect the village, a bell ringer was sent to the top of the bell towers to ring the consecrated bells in an effort to scare the demons away.

#3 The “Entroido” Of Spain
No everything during the middle ages was dark, they had castle parties and court jesters were hired and knights participated in tournaments displaying strength for a price. The common folk had festivals. A popular festival during the middle ages in Spain is the “Entroido”

#2 The Preventable Plague… You Idiots

#1 A “Moment” In Time
You are called to the table for dinner but are not ready to head there yet. So, you would request a “moment.” According to medieval Europe a “moment” is a measure of time that equals 90 seconds. So next time you request a moment, you have a 1.5 minute to get there. But how they measured the rest of the day was unique too. The day was divided into 7 hours. Despite the length of time of a day during the summer compared to the winter, an hour during the summer was 150 minutes while in the winter, each hour was about 60 minutes.

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