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African History

Colonization of Africa – Summary on a Map

Let’s look at a map and see a summary of the different phases of exploration, conquests and colonization of African territories by European powers, beginning from the mid-15th century.
English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit…
Original French version:
Russian version:
Arabic version:
Spanish version:
Portuguese version (Brazil):
Japanese version:
German version:
Music: Awaken – Anno Domini Beats (Youtube Library)
Software used for editing: Adobe After Effects
00:00 Trade routes
00:37 Portuguese rule
01:24 European competition
02:11 Colonization
03:06 European domination
04:03 First resistance
04:54 The World Wars
04:47 Instability
06:34 Egypt
07:21 Independence
08:25 Algerian War
09:00 Portuguese colonies
09:33 Last departures

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