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Christine Roche Stars in Alien Planet Sci-Fi Indie Film ‘Light’ Trailer

Christine Roche Stars in Alien Planet Sci-Fi Indie Film ‘Light’ Trailer

March 21, 2024
Source: YouTube

Light Trailer

“It comes for the light! It comes for the light!” Vertical has revealed an official trailer for an indie sci-fi film from the UK titled Light, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Matt Woollard. It’s set to open next week on VOD in the US & Canada if anyone wants to give it a look. “Sometimes it’s better to be in the dark.” Survivors from an interstellar transport ship accident have to work together after crash landing on an inhospitable planet. Woollard explains that he was inspired partially by A Quiet Place: “the idea of doing for light what they did for sound” with this crew trying to figure out what happened and how to survive on this mysterious alien planet. Light stars Christine Roche, Gia Lily, Tedroy Newell, and James Woollard as the boy, plus Anna Swan. For a super low budget sci-fi film, this actually looks good. The gigantic light creatures are crazy cool. I’m curious to see how this film plays out – yep I’ll be watching. Check it out below.

Here’s the two official trailers (+ two posters) for Matt Woollard’s film Light, direct from YouTube:

Which films provided inspiration? “It has to be Alien – the grandaddy of all sci-fi horror movies. We even went for a retro Production Design to fit with the Alien vibe. When in doubt, we looked back at Alien (or Aliens), just like everyone else does! A Quiet Place was an inspiration too – the idea of doing for light what they did for sound – i.e. put our characters into a dark environment with a creature that attacks light sources. And then find reasons for the characters to have to use their lights…” –Director Matt Woollard

Light Poster

Light Poster

After crash-landing in an escape pod on a dark and misty planet, Niu pulls on her emergency spacesuit and sets out searching for other survivors, including her young son. She quickly discovers that there is life in the fog – and that the lights she must use to find her missing boy draw in an alien predator. In a race against time, Niu must evade the creature and locate her lost boy before their oxygen runs out. But as Niu starts to encounter other survivors, it becomes clear that they are not here by accident – and that there are worse things than creatures lurking in the dark… Light is written and directed by British indie filmmaker Matthew Woollard (aka M.K. Woollard), making his feature directorial debut with this project after one other short film previously. He runs Outatime Films. It’s produced by David A. Bradley, Maria Carras, and Matt Woollard. This hasn’t premiered at any film fests or elsewhere, as far as we know. Vertical will debut Woollard’s Light in select US theaters + on VOD starting on March 29th, 2024 coming soon this spring.


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