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Afro-Mexico: The (In)visibilization of Blackness in Mexico & Struggle for Inclusion Series

WorldBeat Cultural Center Center Presents

Afro-Mexican History Month

Featuring: Afro-Mexico: The (In)visibilization of Blackness in Mexico & Struggle for Inclusion Part 1

Jorge Gonzalez, Director of the Afro-Mexican department at the Worldbeat Cultural Center will be doing a virtual multi-media presentation that will cover more than 200+ years of Afro-Mexican history. He will share excerpts from his 2012 M.A. thesis from UCSB focused on his field research in the Afro-Mexican region of Costa Chica, Oaxaca. More importantly, the presentation will highlight how the black social movement recently in 2019 was able to obtain constitutional recognition and a census headcount in 2020. As a special guest, the presentation will interview Patricia Ann Talley; a member both Mexico Negro A.C. based in Guerrero, Mexico and the Dr. MLK Taskforce Committee. 

Since early 2000’s, the WorldBeat Cultural Center has been spreading awareness of the Afro-Mexican presence in Mexico via cultural music events, workshops, presentations in both San Diego and Tijuana. In 2009, the Afro-Mexican department was formed with the intent to document and create a future exhibit that will tell the story of the Afro-Mexican presence and movement in Mexico.


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