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African History

African Presence in Early Europe – Dr Ivan Sertima – PART 5

African Presence in Early Europe puts in perspective the history of the role of the African in world culture. The authors consider recent archaeological and anthropological studies that present new evidence of little known contributions by African people to the advancement of European civilization. Articles detail the physical and cultural presence of Africans in Europe. Topics covered include: the debt owed to the Moors for the Renaissance; Leo Africanus’s Geographical History of Africa as a source for Shakespeare’s vision of Othello; the Africoid Grimaldis in Europe; the black Moors; the origin of certain aspects of Greek philosophy; African popes; and black madonnas. The book is divided into six parts: The First Europeans; African Presence in the Ancient Mediterranean Isles and Mainland Greece; Africans in the European Religious Hierarchy; African Presence in Western Europe; African Presence in Northern Europe; African Presence in Eastern Europe.


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