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a Quick and Easy Guide

Let’s jump right in: I visited Tokyo a while ago and loved my time there! Plus I came back with so many tips that I wished I knew before traveling there!

You are short on time? Book one of these well located and well rated hotels:

You have more time?
Here is a more detailed analysis of the best hotels to stay in Tokyo

Tokyo is huge, there are 14 million people in the city and 41(!!) million in the metropolitan area! I’ve picked out the 8 best areas that are perfect for tourists!

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Which area should you choose?

To help you visualize all the areas, I made this map of Tokyo with all the neighborhoods I’ll be talking about in this post:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Tokyo, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation

Below you’ll find the top 8 areas in the city and my personalized recommendations for different types of travelers:

1. Shinjuku – where to stay in Tokyo for the first time

A vibrant Tokyo street at night crowded with pedestrians and adorned with neon signs and colorful billboards

Welcome to the heart and soul of Tokyo! Shinjuku is what you probably imagine Tokyo is because this is what you usually see in movies about Tokyo. 

This lively area has countless restaurants, bars, and exciting attractions that will make it hard for you to go back to your hotel room and relax!

You’ll find a wide range of hotels here from super luxurious ones, to the famous Love hotels! There are not many budget options here, but I found some that you should book quickly, as the list is short!

Luxury (US$250 and up)

  • Park Hyatt Tokyo – if you want to stay in the hotel where Sofia Coppola’s famous movie Lost in Translation was filmed, then check out this hotel! Their rooms boast incredible city views and while here you can unwind in their fabulous spa center or do some yoga!
  • JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom – a fantastic 5-star hotel with rooms that have large windows located in the heart of the neighborhood, close to the Golden Gai, JR Shinjuku train station, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building!

Mid-range (from US$150 – US$250)

  • Tokyu Stay – this simple yet modern hotel provides a delicious breakfast and pretty big rooms. It’s close to the well-known Golden Gai and within walking distance from Inari Kio Shrine and Shinjuku train station.
  • La’gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho – here’s another excellent mid-range hotel in Tokyo! The design is simple but charming, and it has an on-site restaurant, private parking, and a 24-hour front desk.

Budget (up to US$150)

  • Onsen Ryokan Yuen – ever wanted to stay in a traditional Japanese inn (also known as ryokan)? Then check out this one which has a hot spring bath, a restaurant and some rooms with city views. 
  • Sotetsu Grand Fresa – if you want to stay in Tokyo Shinjuku on a tight budget but still have great facilities, here’s another excellent choice! This hotel is simple but cozy, close to many food places, bars, and a shopping street, and has an on-site restaurant!

2. Shibuya – best place to stay in Tokyo for the young vibe

Aerial view of Shibuya Crossing at night, showcasing dense crowds of pedestrians and surrounded by illuminated skyscrapers

Shibuya is pretty similar to Shinjuku in terms of atmosphere and location, so it’s also a very convenient place for all types of travelers, especially young people who want to discover Tokyo. 

This is where you’ll find lots of Tokyo’s love hotels, especially in the Maruyamacho area also known as “geisha district” (check for the Love Hotel Hill there).

If you choose to stay here, you’ll be surrounded by many food and drink places, shopping malls, and countless interesting Japanese attractions that you should visit like the Meiji Jingu and its garden, Yoyogi Park! 

Luxury (US$200 and up)

  • Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel – if you’re looking for a perfect, spoiled stay in Tokyo so you can feel like a queen/king, look no further than this hotel! It provides a 5-star service, and the hotel rooms have an amazing view over the city. You’ll also have access to the sauna, hot tub, and beauty salon.
  • Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu – here’s another perfect luxurious option with easy access to the Shibuya station and other public transportation options. This 4-star hotel has a restaurant, a fitness center, and a bar – so great!

Mid-range (from US$130 – US$200)

  • The Millennials Shibuya – this capsule hostel has Smart Pods as rooms that offer privacy, comfort, and convenience. It has common areas such as a workspace, kitchen, and lounge and is close to popular attractions and good restaurants. 
  • Shibuya Creston Hotel – offering a convenient location this hotel boasts cozy rooms, a continental breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

Budget (up to US$130)

  • Shibuya Tobu Hotel – set a short walk away from the metro, this hotel offers rooms with a flat-screen Tv, free Wi-Fi and laundry services. 
  • Himalaya Cloud Hotel – here’s an affordable place that comes with rooms that have city views, a garden where you can relax and a kitchen.

3. Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Area) – top area for shopping

Tokyo Station and its surrounding modern skyscrapers at twilight, with the glow of the setting sun in the background

As you might have guessed already, Tokyo Station is the main transportation hub of the city with many bullet trains and is one of the most convenient areas to stay, especially if you’re planning on doing some day trips to some other exciting cities in Japan!

From the Tokyo Station area you’ll have a great connection to the airports in the Tokyo Bay area, and other Japanese cities such as Yokohama, which is much cheaper than Tokyo and has the world’s biggest Chinatown (here’s a post with the best hotels there, if you want to spend the night)! 

The area around JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Area) has a central location, so it’s an excellent choice as you’ll be close to the main attractions as well.

Luxury (US$300 and up)

  • Imperial Hotel Tokyo – this is one of the best luxury hotels in the Tokyo Station area. The property offers an indoor swimming pool, an on-site hair salon, a beauty massage salon, and many more services!
  • The Tokyo Station Hotel – one of the best business hotels that offers excellent service, 9 restaurants, a spa center and gorgeous rooms. It also is the perfect gate for day trips, as many trains go to Kyoto or Osaka from the station!

Mid-range (from US$100 – US$300)

  • Hotel Intergate Tokyo Kyobashi – sleep like a baby in the comfortable rooms of this hotel that offers a yummy buffet breakfast!
  • Nishitetsu Inn Nihonbashi – this hotel is close to the station, and near 4 subway stations/lines, including Tokyo Station – how great is that? You’ll also find rooms with tea makers and laundry facilities.

Budget (up to US$100)

  • APA Hotel Shintomicho-Ekikita – this is one the best budget hotels! It has free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, a flat-screen TV in each room, and more. If you want to visit Kyoto, you’re just a train ride away, plus it’s also located close to plenty of galleries and museum choices!
  • Belken Hotel Tokyo – simple yet well-equipped double rooms that have a Tv! This hotel also offers a hot tub and breakfast.

4. Roppongi & Akasaka – best for socializing 

The iconic "Maman" spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, with people walking around the plaza

These 2 neighboring areas are great for people who want to explore, socialize and grab a drink after a day out! They are conveniently located in between the East and West part of the city, so it is a short ride to any of the areas I mentioned above. Akasaka is actually part of the Minato City area (basically Downtown Tokyo) along with Azabu and Shiba. 

Although you’re more likely to find bars and nightclubs in Roppongi rather than Akasaka, which is a business-oriented area where a lot of places are closed during the weeknd. 

The fun spots here are frequented by locals and tourists alike, so it’s a great place to make friends or to see how young Japanese people like to spend the night. Burlesque Tokyo is a great spot to start the night!

Luxury (US$250 and up)

  • The Prince Park Tower – rising above Shiba Park, just a short walk to the Imperial Palace, this hotel offers incredible views of the Tokyo Tower, spacious rooms with skyline views, a hot spring bath and 9 restaurants. The hotel is set near train stations.
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo – this property in Roppongi has a sauna, a gym and even bike rentals. Wake-up to a stunning view of the city, order some room service and then go for a swim in the indoor pool.

Mid-range (US$130 – US$250)

  • Nihon Seinenkan – this 3-star hotel is super close to tons of clubs and pubs, so you’ll always be right in the middle of the action! It also comes with rooms that have city views and a restaurant. 
  • Tokyo Prince Hotel – this hotel was recently renovated, and you’ll have an awesome view of Tokyo Tower from your room, which calls for some perfect photos! By the way, they even have an on-site shopping arcade!

Budget (up to US$130)

  • remm Roppongi – grab some breakfast and then head out to explore the area! This hotel comes with a bar, laundry services and a 24h-front desk.
  • Sotetsu Fresa Inn – offering rooms for up to four adults, this hotel offers a great breakfast and massages!

5. Ginza & Hibiya – best to stay in Tokyo for luxury

Twilight view of the Ginza district in Tokyo, featuring the iconic FUJIYA sign and bustling street activity.

This neighborhood is famous for its upscale shopping malls and big international chain hotels! However, you’ll also find a few affordable places as well (I made sure of it)!

Ginza Shopping District is well connected to the rest of the city via JR Tarakucho station and Ginza metro station, so if you want to arrive in some other parts of the city, you’ll be able to do so in no time!

For street food, I highly recommend walking the stretch between Shimbashi and Yurakucho – it is under the elevated railway and it is hundreds of meters of eateries where locals usually eat. 

Ginza is also close to Tsukiji Fish Market, the best place to try some fresh sushi and street food, and an unmissable spot during your Tokyo trip!

Luxury (US$300 and up)

  • The Peninsula Tokyo – honestly, I think this property is one of the best hotels in Tokyo! It has an excellent location, close to the Imperial Palace and train station, and has an on-site spa, pool, fitness center, and superb rooms with a view!
  • Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo – you want a luxurious hotel close to countless ramen restaurants and other traditional Japanese food, as well as bars and other entertainment options, then this one’s for you! It’s a 4-star hotel with super good service, a restaurant and a bar.

Mid-range (US$180 – US$300)

  • The Royal Park – if you don’t want to spend all your money on your Tokyo accommodation but still have all the benefits of a high-end stay, this is the best option! It’s right in the heart of Ginza, close to many bars and boutique shops, and the rooms have fantastic views over the city!
  • Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza – ever wanted to stay in a hotel where robots greet you? Then this is the place for you! This robot hotel is super modern and it offers easy access to the subway station.

Budget (up to US$180)

  • Hotel Monterey Ginza – this 4-star hotel has some economy rooms that are just perfect and the location is pretty ideal, close to many bars and ramen places!
  • Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ginza – here’s a great place in Ginza that comes with modern rooms and a restaurant! Grab some complimentary breakfast in the morning and then head out.

6. Ueno & Akihabara – best area in Tokyo for anime lovers

A lively pedestrian area in Akihabara, Tokyo, lit by the glow of anime and manga-related billboards and signs

Ueno and Akihabara are two areas that are not that big and are located an easy walking distance from each other, which is why I chose to talk about both of them in the same section.

If you’re into anime, manga, cosplay, games, and flashing lights, then Akihabara (also known as the “Electric Town”) is the perfect place! You definitely have to check out Namco Akihabara store which is an absolute heaven for anime lovers and the Kanda Myojin Shrine.

There are mainly business and capsule hotels here and moreover, there are lots of adult stores in this area so I wouldn’t really recommend this place to families. 

Luxury (US$200 and up)

  • Artist Hotel – BnA Studio Akihabara – this one looks fantastic, trust me. It has a fabulous design, rooms filled with wall-drawings and a flat-screen Tv! It is also conveniently located near Ueno Train Station and Ueno Park so that you will be connected to the rest of the city!
  • Monday Apart Premium – offering a mix of traditional and Western designs, this hotel features rooms with a tea table, a lot of space and a flat-screen Tv.

Mid-range (US$100 – US$200)

  • Super Hotel Akihabara – start your morning with a free breakfast while staying at this hotel which offers a great location and city views.
  • Best Western Hotel – here, the entire space is spotless and it also has an on-site restaurant! It’s located near many museums, such as Tokyo National Museum, plus if you are traveling for business, this hotel even offers a business center!

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Ueno Touganeya Hotel – an affordable place in Ueno that’s within easy walking distance of the metro and that has rooms with free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen Tv. 
  • Akihabara Bay Hotel – even wanted to stay in those cool capsule hotels? Now it’s your chance, as this cool place offers a capsule with a USB outlet, a shared bathroom and lockers.

7. Asakusa – where to stay in Tokyo on a budget

The historic red architecture of Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, with visitors milling around the entrance

If Ginza is a luxury heaven, Asakusa is THE place to be for all people traveling on a budget to Tokyo as you will find a number of cheap lodging there. 

This area used to be a samurai district, so there’s a rich history to discover while exploring the streets!

Asakusa (which is actually pronounced as “Asaksa”) has a more calm, traditional atmosphere – it’s like it’s been frozen in time, but in a good way! 

So if you love temples, small and authentic streets, and traditional restaurants, I genuinely believe that Asakusa is your place!

Luxury (US$180 and up)

  • Cyashitsu Ryokan – if you want to splurge and be spoiled in one of the city’s most authentic neighborhoods, and experience a traditional tatami mat room, then you should opt for this place! It offers an on-site restaurant, and air-conditioned rooms. At this ryokan (one of the best traditional Japanese inns) you will have incredible city views and an open-air bath!
  • Onyado Nono Natural Hot Spring – set a short walk away from Sensoji Temple, this hotel is perfect for those who want to relax at the on-site hot spring bath and sauna! The hotel also features a restaurant.

Mid-range (from US$90 – US$180)

  • Kaika Tokyo – if one of your biggest wishes is to stay in a Tokyo neighborhood that resembles Kyoto, then Asakusa is a great choice, and this hotel will satisfy all your needs! The clean and cozy air-conditioned rooms have free Wi-Fi and an on-site restaurant!
  • Asakusa View Hotel – go for a swim in the indoor pool after a day of exploring this huge city, while staying at this hotel that boasts city views and wellness facilities.

Budget (up to US$90)

  • K’s House Tokyo Oasis – this hostel is close to many attractions and it comes with a super cute common area where you can relax or make new friends!
  • Apa Hotel Asakusa – a great and cheap place that offers comfy rooms with a flat-screen Tv, a hot tub and a continental breakfast.

8. Odaiba & Tokyo Bay – where to stay in Tokyo with family

Twilight scene of Tokyo Bay with Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower illuminated against the city's night skyline

Odaiba island and the area around Tokyo Bay are my recommendations for people traveling with kids. Why? 

Well, even though it’s a bit far away from central Tokyo (it ain’t no Shinjuku for sure!) and it’s very different from the rest of the city, it’s located super close to many children’s entertainment spots such as Tokyo Disney (Tokyo Disney Resort), Tokyo Joypolis, Legoland, Fuji TV Building and plenty of museums (including Teamlab Planets which is not too far from here). 

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Odaiba & Tokyo Bay, Tokyo: A room with sleek, contemporary decor, a luxurious pool with landscaped surroundings, and a modern hotel facade with waterfront views.

Luxury (US$200 and up)

  • Hilton Tokyo Bay – here’s a great place to stay in Tokyo for families! This 5-star property offers swimming pools, rooms with fun decoration themes for kids, a spa center where parents can relax and a children’s playground.
  • Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba – this 5-star hotel boasts some incredible views from its family rooms and it’s close to famous landmarks such as Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo! You’ll find 6 on-site restaurants and a swimming pool too.

Mid-range (US$100 – US$200)

  • Lavista TokyoBay – a great hotel that has some spacious family rooms with amazing views of Tokyo Bay, an indoor pool where you can play with your little ones and a restaurant. 
  • Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo – enjoy a quiet family movie night in the cozy rooms of this hotel that offers a hot spring bath, spa facilities and kids meals.

Budget (up to US$100)

  • APA Hotel & Resort Makuhari – if you’re on a budget instead, then let me help you choose something that will fit your pocket but also offer a super good service! This hotel looks incredible; it’s super modern and has laundry machines, souvenir shops, and more!
  • Far East Village – this modern hotel features a buffet breakfast, family rooms with a flat-screen Tv and a restaurant.

BONUS 1: Best ryokans in Tokyo

Traditional Japanese tea house at dusk with illuminated entrance and tranquil garden seating.

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that go way back and are a big part of their culture! These places usually have tatami floors and futon beds!

If you’ve been wanting to stay in one, then definitely check out the short list below with the top ones in Tokyo!

P.S. If you’re looking for more options, check out or post with the best ryokans in Tokyo.

BONUS 2: Top capsule hotels in Tokyo

Interior of a modern capsule hotel in Tokyo with rows of sleeping pods and a person in the aisle

Capsule hotels (also known as pod hotels) are super popular in Tokyo and so affordable! If you’re looking for some options in the capital, here are the best ones I found after comparing all the options:

BONUS 3: Best Disney hotels in Tokyo

The opulent facade of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel with its Victorian-style architecture and gated entrance

Taking the whole family to Disneyland in Tokyo? Then you’ll need some amazing hotels and luckily for you I happen to have a list of the best ones!

I’ve compared lots of options and found an amazing one for each budget, so let’s check them out:

  • Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay – set within walking distance of Disneyland, this fabulous hotel boasts rooms with elegant decor, a bar and a kid-friendly buffet. 
  • Hilton Tokyo Bay – this is actually the official hotel of Disney Tokyo and it offers family rooms, indoor and outdoor pools and 5 amazing restaurants. 
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel – relax at the spa center of this hotel which is a 30 min walk away from Disneyland! The hotel has family rooms and a restaurant.

BONUS 4: Best apartments in Tokyo, Japan

Elevated view of Tokyo’s dense urban landscape at sunset with skyscrapers and a clear sky

Staying in an apartment is one of the wisest choices if you’re traveling in a larger group, with family or if you want to save money by cooking your meals, for example.

There are lots of great options in Tokyo and I made sure to only add the best ones and order them from most to least expensive!

NOTE: I didn’t add any Airbnbs, because they can be a bit problematic in this part of the world and you might encounter a lot of communication issues, so I would avoid booking one here.

  • Luxury: Matsui Building – Set in Shinjuku, this apartment has a spacious kitchen, a lounge area where you can chill, a laundry room and of course a comfy room with a Tv!
  • Mid-range: Kagurazaka Retro – Perfectly-located in central Shinjuku, this accommodation has a super-cute design, a kitchen equipped with all you need and a traditional futon bed.
  • Mid-range: Mitsuba Guest House – Such a cool apartment set in Asakusa that offers some great city views, a small kitchenette and a living room area.

BONUS 5: Best hotels near the Tokyo airports

Busy terminal inside Narita International Airport with passengers and informational signage

Do you have a layover or maybe a super early-flight? If so, you might need to spend a night in a hotel right near one of Tokyo’s 2 airports!

Don’t worry I covered both places and you’ll find the best hotels, ordered from most to least expensive, right below:

1. Hotels near Narita Airport

A collage of three hotel photos to stay near Narita Airport, Tokyo: an avant-garde hotel building with a unique geometric facade, a functional bedroom with green accents and modern furniture, and an inviting hotel room with traditional Japanese elements and a view of the evening sky through large windows.
  • Luxury: Waqoo Naritasanmonzen – located a 10-min drive away from the airport this luxurious hotel offers Japanese-style rooms, a spa center and a delicious breakfast. 
  • Mid-Range: Hotel Nikko Narita – here’s a great hotel which offers 4 dining options, a swimming pool and a garden. It also has an incredible location, less than 1 mile away from the airport. 
  • Budget: Meet Inn Narita – an affordable place that has rooms with a pirate bathroom and a Tv. The hotel is a 10 min-drive away from the airport (you can also use the Narita Express train to get there).

2. Hotels near Haneda Airport

A collage of three hotel photos near Haneda Airport: A contemporary bedroom with red accent pillows, a spacious and inviting hotel dining area, and an exterior view of the hotel with a plane flying overhead, indicating proximity to the airport
  • Luxury: Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu – if you want to stay close to the airport in luxury, make sure to book a room here and you just won’t regret it! This 4-star hotel has free Wi-Fi, an on-site restaurant, and even a massage service that you’ll love!
  • Mid-Priced: Hotel JAL City – set a 10 min drive away from the airport, this accommodation offers a delicious complimentary breakfast and a restaurant. 
  • Budget: Plat Hostel – here’s a super affordable hostel just a 10 min bus drive away from the airport that has private and shared rooms and luggage storage.

FAQs about where to stay in Tokyo

Overhead view of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo with crowds of pedestrians and vibrant city lights

🗾 What is the best area to stay in Tokyo?

The best area to stay in is Shinjuku. You will find everything you need to experience the city of Tokyo! Park Hyatt Tokyo and Tokyu Stay are incredible hotel options to stay in this area.

🎎 Where should I Stay, Shinjuku or Shibuya?

Both are great but I recommend staying in Shinjuku if you’re traveling for the first time, and Shibuya if you want to enjoy more of the city’s nightlife!

💑 What is the best area to stay in Tokyo for couples?

If you are traveling with your partner I recommend staying in Ginza where you will find incredible luxurious hotels to treat yourselves like the amazing The Peninsula Tokyo.

👶 Where to stay in Tokyo with a baby or toddler?

The best area to stay in Tokyo with a baby or a toddler must be Odaiba & Tokyo Bay since it is full of fun activities for the kids and is a bit more quiet than the center of Tokyo which can be very overwhelming for the little ones!

🛍️ What is the best area to stay in Tokyo for shopping?

One of the best areas in Tokyo to do some shopping is Tokyo Station / Marunouchi neighborhood where you will find tons of shopping complexes.

📆 How many days are enough to explore Tokyo?

4 days should be enough to explore and discover the city.

✈️ What is the best airport to arrive in Tokyo?

There are two airports in Tokyo: Narita and Haneda. Even though both are great options, Haneda Airport is much closer to the city.

🔝How safe is Tokyo for tourists?

Tokyo is a super safe city for tourists! But as always take the usual precautions and be mindful of your belongings and avoid dodgy areas. 

🌸 When is the peak season to visit Tokyo?

Spring (March to May) is the peak season in Tokyo! That’s when you can see the famous pink cherry blossoms plus the weather is just perfect!


Panoramic twilight view of Tokyo cityscape with the iconic Tokyo Tower lit in orange amidst the skyscrapers

Phew, this was quite a long post, but you reached the end of it!

After reading this post about where to stay in Tokyo, I’m sure you’re more than ready to start planning your trip!

I know I threw many hotel options at you (but trust me, it’s better this way). Still, if you’re not sure which one to pick, here are my top 2 favorite places:

  • The Peninsula Tokyo – is the best option for a luxury stay in this big city because of all the facilities and excellent location. 
  • Kaika Tokyo – one of the best options if you don’t want to spend all your money on booking a hotel but still have an incredible experience!

Don’t forget that this city is one of the most popular in the world! Book your hotel in advance, otherwise you may miss out on your favorite!

If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below, I’m always happy to help!

Happy travels,


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