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African History

20 Must have books about black history part II
Roots/ Alex Haley
The interesting Narratives and others writings/ Olaudah Equianoh
Up From Slavery, an autobiography/ Booker T Washington
Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust/ John Henry Clarke
The falsification of Afrikan consciousness/ Amos Wilson
Steve Biko, the true Story of the young South African Martyr and his struggle to raise black consciousness/ Donald Woods
Ready for the revolution/ Stokely Carmichael
African presence in early Asia/ Runoko Rashidi
Revolutionary suicide/ Huey Newton
Blueprint for black power/ Amos Wilson
The autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah
The Black Atlantic/ Paul Gilroy
Black Star, the african presence in early Europe/ Runoko Rashidi
The destruction of Black civilization/ Chancelor Williams
The Black Jacobins/ C.L.R James
Malcolm X, a life of reinvention/ Manning Marable
Simple justice/ Richard Kluger
Blood in my eyes/ George Jackson
Great Black leaders, ancient and moder/ Ivan Van Sertima
Invisible Man/ Ralph Ellison


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