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18 Signs That Made Me Laugh So Hard I Forgot My Name, Birthday, And Credit Card Number

You’ve made it through another long, languishing week — so, as a reward, please enjoy another batch of the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of Twitter and r/funnysigns:

1. “New Jersey is so beautiful.”

Twitter: @amishestrogen


2.“Sounds fair.”

Sign on a wooden post reads: "Extreme heat this weekend. If you're walking your dog between 10am and 6pm, please wear a fur coat and no shoes so you know how it feels."

3.“Be right back…”

Sign in a store reads: "Closed for sex. Be back in 30 mins. Thank you."

4.“Today’s work from home tip…”

A sign reads: "Today's work from home tip: Blowing on the wine in the mug will help convince your Zoom meeting that your tea is hot."

5.“Don’t what?”

A large, closed metal gate with "DON'T" painted in white on the left side

6.“Good advice.”

A sign reads: "THINK. Do it Right The First Time! Plan Ahead." The word "Ahead" is split with "Ahea" on one line and "d" on the next line

7.“Nude sunbathers with waffles!”

Sign warning: "Beyond this point, you may encounter nude sunbathers eating waffles." The sign is placed on a beach

8.“The sidewalk ends.”

A sidewalk ending abruptly with a green sign that reads "SIDEWALK ENDS" in a grassy area beside a road

9.“Why would you?”

Infographic titled "Wildlife Safety" by National Park Service showing do's and don'ts of interacting with wildlife, including feeding, approaching, and photographing animals

10.“What am I supposed to do?”

Sign on a concrete wall with barbed wire on top reads: "No Sitting No Standing" with a wheelchair symbol

11.“If you say so.”

Cardboard box labeled "artisanal" with two sizing options, "26CM" and "Red" checked. Other text and barcodes are partially visible at the bottom

12.“I guess the bell will still be good as new over a couple years.”

Counter with note reading "Ding bell or choke the chicken for service thks," rubber chicken wearing a red cap with a "Squeeze for service" sign, bell and register

13.“Why not? :(“

A toilet is seen with a humorous sign above it depicting a mustache crossed out, indicating 'no mustaches allowed.'

14.“If it helps in solving a problem, then…”

A black sidewalk sign reads, "According to science alcohol is a solution." The sign is placed outside on a paved street

15.“Thanks for this advice.”


16.“More or less.”

Two fire extinguishers labeled "More Fire" and "Less Fire" indicate which tool creates fire and which one puts it out

17.“So if you drive a sports car, no valet for you…”

Sign on a street reads "No stick shift vehicles. VALET" with a red parking symbol below. Orange traffic cone on the sidewalk is visible in the background

18.“Larry may become aggressive.”

Missing goldfish poster taped to a pole. Text reads: "Missing Goldfish. Answers to 'Larry'. Do not chase, may become aggressive. $0.15 reward. (123) 456-7890."

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